Stag Dates

Important Dates to Remember in 2021

Mother’s Day Breakfast- May 9th

Wing Night- May 12th

Stag- May 26th- Prime Rib

Lodge Meetings- 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month

June 23rd- Stag- Prime Rib

June 30th- Mini Stag


Bylaws Amendment

“Grand Lodge has returned the by-laws approved by this Lodge last November for reconsideration. At issue is the process by which the Chairman of the Board of Directors is determined. Chapter 12 of the Grand Statutes requires the Board of Directors to “elect” a chairman at its first meeting.

However, Chapter 16 requires the chairman to be the Exalted Ruler. Consequently, Lodge 290 proposed to eliminate what is clearly a redundant election. Grand Lodge requires the election to be reinstated even though the only person that can be elected is the Exalted Ruler. The election by the Lodge membership to adjust our proposed by-laws to comply with Grand Lodge requirements will be during the first meeting in June.”

Board members please review this notice and advise if you have an objection.
By-laws Committee

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Unbelievable Dining

Try to find three more establishments in the Cedar Valley that offer better food quality, better ambiance, and an overall cost value than what is offered at Gatsby’s.

Dining at the Elks easily holds the #1 value eatery, if not in the top 3-4, depending, of course, upon your taste buds. Plus, $15 per member per month discount is in the offering plate.

Dine at the Elks once a month for the next three months and do the same at your other top three restaurants. Conduct your own value analysis and let an Elks office holder, Gatsby’s chef and/or Elks staff member know of your findings.

I’m sure you will make eating at Gatsby’s a monthly habit and make it Cedar Valley’s #1 memorable dining experience as I’m convinced it already beholds.


Steve Corbin,

15 Year Member